Dipl. Communication Designer, Founder of KREATIONSWELT.
Since 2012 at the service for easy workflows.

Marty McFly, never travel to 2020! 

If you could travel in time, probably nobody would choose that famous year 2020 – when the Earth took a long breath and then held its breath for 2 years. It’s a difficult time for all of us!

Inspired by my idols Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, giving up was never an option. I decided – despite contact bans and travel restrictions – to work from home and in countless Zoom meetings to fundamentally revise my range of services and even expand my network. To finally usher in a new era for KREATIONSWELT (world of creation).

My very personal “Back to the Future”:

Arrived on planet Earth in 1985, in Starnberg and grew up in Germany. After my studies and four intensive years of work I founded KREATIONSWELT in 2012. Inspired by the desire for new experiences, contacts and perspectives, I emigrated to Iceland, where I also worked as a bilingual tour guide. And later even on a cruise ship – from South Africa to Mauritius – living my love for communication with people. Back to the roots – I am currently living again in beautiful Bavaria. As you can see, I am definitely a cosmopolitan…

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