There is no such thing as a classic communication designer, because every designer has his or her own specialty and some of them work interdisciplinary.

Communication Design includes various disciplines such as editorial design, corporate design, branding, packaging design, information design, type design, interaction design, motion design, UX design. You can find more about the individual areas under DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY.

The aim is always to communicate to the target group by using the right medium and the right tonality.

In my case, I can include website programming (HTML/PHP/CSS) as an extra skill. During my studies I focused on the courses Marketing, Text & Conception and Rhetoric & Presentation.

After the layout is finished, it is time for the final artwork. There are some important steps mostly invisible to customers by the way.

To sum it up, it is about: Printable resolution, text, contrasts and other printing requirements. This is followed by a definition of all CMYK and special colors (Pantone© for instance is very common, always depends on the final use), the checking of the font embedding and any correction of the line widths and typography as well as the adaptation to thematic requirements (print or online). This is usually followed by a final proofreading before it is going to be published.

KREATIONSWELT (world of creation) was founded by Melanie Diana Kraus in 2012.

Between the years 2016 and 2020 the website was simply a blog due to a break. In 2021 KREATIONSWELT started a new chapter.

In general, Corporate Identity (CI) is the communication of a visual statement about the brand to customers. It can be a business enterprise, firm or a corporation which presents itself to the public.

Therefore, all company activities should be coordinated with the CI.

Corporate Identity includes the areas:

• Corporate Design (CD)

• Corporate Communication (CC)

• Corporate Behavior (BC)

• Corporate Culture

• Corporate Language

• Corporate Soul

• Corporate Philosophy