Magazines, books, booklets, catalogs, annual reports and more. Additionally, advertisements and advertorials. Adaptation to other writing systems (multilingual productions).


The layout is finished, then it is time for typesetting and last steps. Nope, not just Command+P.

Special interest and experience in the field of multilingual implementation such as advertisements und booklets (e.g. Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic and Icelandic). 

KREATIONSWELT realizes websites and online shops from small to large size. CMS (WordPress) and employee training are also available upon request.


From the advertising concept to the successful campaign. Going global with a campaign also expect knowledge about the different cultures and hitting the tonality. 

Special campaigns so far have been LUDWIG BECK’s autumn campaign (© Kreadiven, final artwork and adaptation to all advertising media such as advertising pillars, magazine subjects, 18/1 posters and much more), the relaunch campaign for ROHDE CLEAN (from business stationary to their website and further to their trucks) and the global YACHTMOMENTS campaign (© Kreadiven, campaign in Spain, China and Russia).


We’re eating grandpa now! Commas are known to save lives. After the final draft, the editing work begins. After last checks, the final artwork phase starts. Then it is obviously time for lunch: We’re eating now, grandpa!

It can be a show, campaign or even a script for an advertising or image film. The story wants to be told. 

In general, Corporate Identity (CI) is the communication of a visual statement about the brand to customers. It can be a business enterprise, firm or a corporation which presents itself to the public.

The wedding print equipment of Count Anton and Countess Kate of Faber-Castell received special attention in 2014.

A brand needs customers who trust and follow. Basically, branding is everything that plays a role to form a brand.  

Motion design is a discipline that applies graphic design principles to video production through use of animation and visual effects.

Information will be selected, organized and presented. Due to some overload in our society and every-day-life, you should remember the KISS formula (keep it short and simple).  

In addition to the legal requirements and guidelines, the focus should be also on marketing aspects. Furthermore, sustainability and user benefits are other important steps while creating a packaging.

Problem-solving in 6 phases. Design Thinking helps dealing with a problem and finding a creative way to solve it. 

UNDERSTAND – EMPATHIZE – SYNTHESIS – IDEATION – PROTOTYPING – TESTING. Every problem gives you the chance to transform. In life generally, it generates courage to make mistakes and develops visions “out-of-the-box”.